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Moving Your Website Visitors from Information to Righteous Action

Do you have a website?  Let us move your traffic to meaningful action.  You are giving your visitors the information, information that they want and need to know.  You are informing them, but are you moving them, are you inspiring them to action? 

 When you have the attention of your visitors, make the most of it, by inspiring them to act on issues of great significance to your website’s mission.  Maybe you have a clear notion of what laws ought to be created to fulfill your organization’s mission; maybe you want to let the internet community know all about the plight of the homeless in your community. 

But, are you giving your visitors a vehicle to do something about the problems or issues that you highlight?  Maybe you are giving members the personal advice they need on finance and marriage and informing them about wonderful family outings in their community.  But are you telling them about the risk of poverty they face in retirement as a result of being an African American woman?

Moving the Public to Action on Issues of Importance To Your Community

Do you have a worthy cause that needs action by public or corporate officials?  Let us help you mobilize the public and the media via our email campaign, action pages, background pieces, and strategic planning on the issue needing action.  We work with established organizations and individuals whose issues fit our project criteria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage the American public through education and action to press government and corporate America to address key problems plaguing American families, but doing so in a revolutionary, technologically timely way – through on-line activism. 

Who Pays for this Site?

Currently, this website is run on a charitable basis by an at-home mother who has worked primarily in the non-profit sector and is experienced in grass-roots and legislative advocacy.  Her training at Harvard College and Harvard Law School provide the critical foundation for this work.  Efforts are now underway to raise modest support for the website to cover the cost of operation.  Lobbyline.com is a start-up project that is likely to convert to a 501(c) organization.  If you have questions, insights or want to support this project, please write.

Coalition Building Across Issues.

We are a coalition-building organization.  We help our coalition members move the public to action in several ways.

First, we create and maintain a centralized on-line presence of coalition members on the theory that there is power in numbers and each member benefits accordingly and individually from their partnership with other Lobbyline organizations.   The result is a multi-issue panoply of opportunities for action-oriented visitors to support your education and action causes and those of your coalition partners.

The services to members are manifold.  Each member is an affiliate of Lobbyline.com.  Each member thus enjoys a link from our site to theirs, and provides the same service for the Lobbyline family of sites.  Second, we perform education and encourage activism by presenting for action the issues of our members as well as the issues of our subsidiary Action project - SecureMom.com. 

Our education work displays online action pages from our member organizations.  We will either create your action page for you or you may create your own.  We will maintain and manage your action page that is uploaded on our site or you may maintain your own site to which we host a link.  We give you more.  We provide action page support.  We also, at the most basic level of membership will provide a link to your action page on our website’s action page menu. We have different membership levels depending upon services that you want us to serve  to you.

Overall Benefits of Membership.

  • Ours is a multi-issue site, attracting a wide range of visitors; thereby we will increase and diversify the traffic to your site.
  • Our unique advocacy orientation will provide new outreach opportunities for your site. (eg. Those traveling to our site for information on Social Security and mothers of color will be drawn to your organization).
  • Participation in this advocacy/education website will increase fundraising options since education and outreach is a highly fund worthy function for organizations.
  • We assist you in Increasing satisfaction of your members and visitors by providing your visitors and members this unique service of opportunities to learn and become actively involved on a variety of issues (e.g. SS is just one; we plan to expand the offering through member action pages and though our own Lobbyline Action pages.)



Universal Membership.

Lobbyline Affiliate – Mutual Links

All members partake of this benefit.  As an affiliate, your organization links to our organization, and we link to yours.  The cost of this is free and is the simplest form of membership that we provide.

Action Pages.

Our levels of membership revolve around the degree of service we provide in helping you create and feature your Action Page.  Every website hopes to impart information, and most, connected with that want to inspire visitors to take some action that extends beyond the individual person, that affects the larger society.  The action often needs to be directed at either government or corporations.

 We offer Customized Service Membership.

A Customized Action Page.  We can create a customized action page for uploading onto your website.  See SecureMom.com as an example of what we can create for your website.  As part of this service, we will place a link to the action page at your site and as an additional service, you can add the same page to our menu of action pages. Action pages can include websites that seek action or visitor comments on a particular issue needing some type of federal government action or action pages can include local  community issues. This service includes an affiliation (mutual link).

Our action page design service will organize and present issues requiring action in a way destined to get maximum participation by your visitors.  The pages can include for example, options that allow your visitors to write all or select members of Congress to press for Social Security laws that are favorable to at-home mothers - from your website.  Your action page can allow visitors to tell a friend about any issue.  The action page of your website could be your forum for organizing parents in the neighborhood to pressure the neighborhood pool or library to hold longer hours on weekends. You can update your action page and even add or change the issue focus of your page. 

Tailor the action page to your needs and do so as often or as infrequently as you like.  We can help you select an issue for an action page; we can help you research an issue.  Any action page that we design for you will include a complete set of advisory services to help you consider the best menu of actions for your visitors to choose from.  Whatever you need to help your visitors take action, we will work hard to determine it and help you achieve it.

 Action Link Membership.

An Action Page Link.  Whether you create your action page independently or consult with us on the development of your action page or have us devise your action page for you, we will place a link to your action page from our website menu of action pages.

Here is how it works.  We will place your action page in our menu of action pages, indexed by subject area or organization, and visitors to our site can link from the menu to your website’s action page.


Lobbyline Action Membership.

A Lobbyline Action Page.  This is your chance to build into your website an issue that Lobbyline  is spearheading. Maybe you are not currently interested in any particular issue.  However you may be interested in the issue of Lobbyline’s action page – Social Security credits for caregivers.  We currently have several Action Pages, one of which is national in scope- Social Security Credits for Caregivers, particularly mothers, and the others of which involve local D.C. community issues. 

 We offer the opportunity to customize an action page around a Lobbyline issue as it concerns your organization or website.  So, if your organization wishes to develop an action page around our only issue to date - social security – and you wish to tailor it to your membership, we are ready to help.  For example, a group supporting mothers of color might wish to have a Social Security action page developed that addresses the unique challenges faced by mothers of color. 

 How To Join Our Program.

Membership Fee Options.

We accept applications for membership from all types of corporations – for profit and not-for- profit.  As a membership organization, we reserve the right to accept or deny applicants regardless of their willingness to pay.  Our membership guidelines provide the criteria for selection of members and reflect the mission and spirit of the organization.

We are currently accepting individual and organization members who fit our priority areas.  We encourage not-for-profit organizations to consider making a joint grant application to foundations with us to fund your membership in our program. 

For more information about our services or membership fee options, please contact Melody Webb.



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