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The January 8 Demonstration.

Carrin Brandt, a Concerned CareFirst Families organizer, reported on the January 8 demonstration. "Thank you all for your support at this morning's demonstration. We had great media coverage: NBC Channel 4, ABC channel 7, WTOP radio, and The Wash Post all covered the event. Sam Jordan with Health Care Now and Congressman Moran attended and made a statement to the press.  Several families were interviewed. {Also, the January 9 edition of the Washington Post, Section B page 3, featured photos from the demonstration.}  NBC Channel 4 is showing today's coverage at 4:45 and 6:40 this evening.  The main story will be at 6:40pm.  ABC expects to run several segments on channel 7 and channel 8 this evening.  

Children's plans to have a town meeting for families in the next several days to update us on the situation.  Our plan would be to meet at that meeting to discuss next steps.  Some of us thought that the Health expo sponsored by NBC at the Washington Convention center may be a good place to have a presence. CareFirst and Children's have exhibits near each other. That expo is on the weekend of 1/18 and 1/19."  (End of Ms. Brand't report).

Jim Moran again indicated his ongoing  effort to maintain coverage for CareFirst families with children.  He described in a statement to the families at the January 8 demonstration his intention to secure for CareFirst children, continued and easily accessible coverage at Children's at affordable out of network rates, in the event Children's and CareFirst fail to renegotiate a contract.  Reports indicate that nearly 8,000 CareFirst families receive medical care at Children's Hospital.



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