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Email using the Lobbyline Action Form now to contact the key decision-makers to urge them to secure retirement earnings credits for at-home mothers. 

We seek earnings credit reform that would impute to caregivers $16,500 annual income for up to five years for unpaid part time and full time labor in the home caring for family members.  This means that $16,500 rather than $0 is averaged into the AIME, Average Indexed Monthly Earnings, at retirement.  The AIME is used to determine benefit levels.  In this manner, the proposal would ensure a higher benefit level for caregivers who would otherwise face drastic reductions in benefits.  Earnings credit reform would raise the retirement benefit level of at least 8 million citizens primarily mothers, by an average of $600 per year. Please read our background page for more about Social Security credits for primary caregivers.

Let Congress Know! Please use our easy Mail Congress Form to tell Representative Carson, Senator Snowe, and/or Senator Jay Rockefeller to secure retirement earnings credits for at-home mothers.   It is easy! Please fill in your contact information, select the Senator or Representative of your choice in the drop down box, and click send to mail the message to Congress.   Please also contact Representative Johnson by calling her at  202-225-4476. To tell YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and SENATOR: Create an email using your own email program, copy and paste into your email the text of the Mail Congress Form below, and locate Your Representative and Senator, and send the message to Congress.




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Switchboard of the United States House of Representatives:  202-225-3121.

Switchboard of the United States Senate:  202-224-3121 or toll free at 1-866-727-7726.



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