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Links to action pages on other web sites

Here are the links to action pages on other sites.

  • D.C. Fiscal  Policy Institute EITC Outreach Campaign.  Earned Income Tax Credit outreach campaign. Learn how you, a client or someone you care about can appreciably increase their incomes. This coalition of not-for profit, corporate, labor, immigrant and religious organizations is working to ensure that DC's workers claim the significant federal and DC tax credits for their earnings.

  • Free tax preparation assistance information can be obtained at the DCFPI site as well.  Click here for more information on all of the above or call DCFPI at (202)408-1080.

  • Secure Mom.   The Secure Mom coalition is working to secure social security retirement credits for mothers and other caregivers.  This is the link to their web site.

Quick Facts



By some estimates, if we gave an overall monetary value to the unpaid care work performed primarily by women within families, it would equal a whopping $1 trillion, or 44% of the Gross national product in 1990.


Unmarried and minority mothers stand to gain the greatest benefits in retirement from a Social Security caregiver credit scheme since these caregivers suffer the highest poverty rates of all groups at 15% to 22%.





Beneficiaries of the EITC:

Nationally: nearly 5 million children are lifted out of poverty by the EITC program , more than any other government program. 


D.C.: nearly 50,000 DC households receive the federal EITC, average benefit of $1,700.

39,000 DC households recipients of the DC EITC, averaging benefit of $442.




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