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 Demand Lead-Free Water Now!!! for D.C. Kids; Email Ideas on abating lead contamination of drinking water to D.C. Councilmembers



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Welcome to Lobbyline.com, people joining on-line power to off-line power to lead their own communities. 

Take Action:  Local Washington DC Issues

Act for Safe Water Now for All DC Kids While Lead-

In-Water Solutions Are Sought; Email Ideas!!

The lead levels of D.C. tap water are elevated and while

experts seek solutions, some potentially affected infants and children lack alternatives to tap water. Are the schools affected?  Which areas have been tested and have high levels of lead in water?  Write the Council, who oversee the DC Water Authority.


Oppose School Vouchers in Washington DC

See the latest news! Voucher Program Fails to Attract Target!

This congressionally approved and imposed plan violates home rule and will erode education policy in the city.  Take action: call, fax, write and email city officials and Representative Tom Davis, the voucher program's architect, at (202)225-5074.


Support Full Democracy for D.C.


Leave DC - Tell Congress to leave DC schools and leave DC alone


Take Action.  Join Lobbyline's campaign to pressure Congress to let DC run its own schools and its own city.  Say no to vouchers.  Read more here.


Demand playgrounds near the Nationals Stadium 


New parents group formed to ensure that families with children are included in the plans for development in SW DC and near the baseball stadium:  Friends of Southwest Playgrounds.



Take Action:  National Issues

Save Americorps!


Help Save Americorps Funding:  Visit www.saveamericorps.org to ask federal officials to authorize needed funding. Help protect critical programs serving communities, schools and children as they depend heavily upon Americorps volunteers.


Secure The Retirement of Mothers and Other Caregivers!


By the year 2030, forty percent of women will still be earning more Social Security benefits based on their spouse's work records rather than their own.  Why? Because women, the nation's caregivers, particularly mothers, have lower lifetime earnings and more years out of the workforce.  The greater risk of poverty in old age makes mothers, and all women, more heavily dependent than men on Social Security, whose trust funds face insolvency in 2038.  Join the campaign!  Join the movement!  Visit the Lobbyline sister site www.securemom.com and  tell your U.S. Senators to support Social Security credits for family caregivers!


Contact us now to tell us about other internet-based advocacy campaigns.


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Featured Page! D.C. Public Schools: How To Apply Out-of-boundary


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