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Our Mission

Our mission is to engage the American public and the local D.C. community through education and action to press government and corporate America to address key problems plaguing American families, doing so through a variety of grassroots strategies including the revolutionary, technologically timely way through on-line activism. 

Who Pays for this Site?

Currently, this website is run on a charitable basis by an at-home mother who has worked primarily in the non-profit sector and is experienced in grass-roots and legislative advocacy.  Her training at Harvard College and Harvard Law School provide the critical foundation for this work.  Efforts are now underway to raise modest support for the website to cover the cost of operation.  Lobbyline.com is a start-up project that is likely to convert to a 501(c) organization.  If you have questions, insights or want to support this project, please write.

Coalition Building Across Issues.

We are a coalition-building organization.  We help our coalition members move the public to action in several ways.

First, we create and maintain a centralized on-line presence of coalition members on the theory that there is power in numbers and each member benefits accordingly and individually from their partnership with other Lobbyline organizations.   The result is a multi-issue panoply of opportunities for action-oriented visitors to support your education and action causes and those of your coalition partners.



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