Water for D.C. Kids.org

Families seeking healthy water solutions for the children of the District of Columbia:   

Free bottled water, filters for poor women, infants and children; rebates for taxpayers; expedited lead line replacement

full disclosure, mapping of lead affected areas, comprehensive testing of city schools, recreations centers, libraries,

and licensed child care facilities, public outreach and education, particularly among hard-to-reach populations

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Latest News

(These bullets are latest developments and also headlines that link to online periodicals)


July 1          WASA agrees to expedited lead pipe replacement program

May 7         Lab Mishandled Lead Tests

May 4          Senate Seeks Tougher Water Rules

April 30        Retesting Finds Lead Levels High At D.C. Schools, Closing Down 43 Sinks

April 16        WASA to Begin Priority Lead Plan

April 14        Gripes Pouring In on Water-Lead Tests

April 13        EPA Rules Cited in Lead Flap

April 8          Senator Seeks Reform of Drinking Water Act

April 7          D.C. Lead Woes Prompt Scrutiny of Federal Rules, Senate Bill

March 30     The Mayor's Suspicions (Washington Post Editorial)

March 29      D.C. Knew of Lead Problems in 2002

March 28      EPA Asks for States' Plans On Lead

March 27      Lead Issue Surfaced 5 Years Ago

March 26      D.C. Health Director Ousted Over Lead Issue

                   Faulting EPA, D.C. Seeks $26 Million from the Feds

March 25      Lead in Soil, Dust of Children Testing with Excessive Lead Levels:

                   Others Still Unknown

March 23      Lead-laden water target for lawsuits

March 23      Water filter distribution expected by April 10th.

March 22      D.C. to Ask Feds to Help Pay for the Lead Mess

March 21      Lead Corrosion Inhibitor Coming to Upper NW Homes' Water First

March 20      DC to Examine Service Lines Lines Listed as Copper, Brass May Be Lead

March 19      2 Area School Districts Restrict Water Use while D.C. fountains stay open

                   Tests Show High Lead Levels in D.C. Children

                    WASA Reports on Plans for Water Lead

March 18      D.C. Struggles with Distribution of Water Filters

March 17      Williams Tells WASA to Mail Filters to Lead Service Line Homes

                    Lead Risk Worst for Fetuses

March 16      Lead Issue Was Debated For Months:  EPA was aware of the problem

March 15      Fund Would Help Replace Lead Pipes

March 14      Arlington Water Tests Flawed:    

                    WASA Backpedaling Prompts Confusion

March 13      3% of D.C. Children Tested Have High Lead Levels Medical Officials Call

                    for Broader Screening                   

March 12      Lead in Water Problems Not Confined to Lead Pipes, 51 Homes with

                    Copper\Tested Positive Report Says EPA Water Purity Data Flawed  

March 11      D.C. Expands Lead Tests

March 10      Four More Children Found with Elevated Lead Levels

                    WASA agrees to interim plan for lead

March 9        Water Tactics Go Over Like Lead Balloon

                    Flushing Pipes 10 minutes cleanses lead, WASA affirms

                    D.C. Schools Retested, Expanded Testing of Child-Serving Facilities

March 8        Officials Withheld Facts on Lead Lawsuit Says Targeting WASA DC

                    Govt Water Filters Are on the Way

                    D.C. Officials Propose Water Consumer Oversight Board

March 6        Letter to Editor: WIC and tax rebates to Support water alternatives for

                     D.C. kids (by Melody Webb)

                    D.C. Handling of Lead Issue Blasted on The Hill

                    Manager's Firing Defended by WASA

March 5        A Conversation with Pediatrician Lynn Goldberg, Johns Hopkins University

                    D.C. Lead Tests Cast Doubts on EPA Standards

March 4        Arlington Steps Up Water Testing

                    The Long Search for the Cause of A Baby's Elevated Lead Levels

March 3        Arlington's Lead Finding Shed Light on D.C. Contamination:  Corrosive

                    Chemicals in Water Could Cause Lead Leaching From Fixtures, Plumbing

                    Replacement of Lead Lines Begins For Some Homes

March 2        5 of 169 D.C. Residents Tested 2/28 By City Show Elevated Lead Levels

February 29   Agencies Brushed Off Lead Warnings; EPA Should Have Anticipated

February 28   Lead Fears Prompt DC to Expand Response

                    Editorial - DC Needs Answers

February 27   D.C. Water Advisory Vexes Parents

                    Agencies Finishing Warnings on Lead

February 26   D.C. Advises Pregnant Women, Children Under 6 in lead-serviced

                     households to refrain from drinking tap water which is unfiltered.            

                     See advisory

                     Poisoned water threat called environmental racism.

February 25  High Lead Levels Found in Water At 9 D.C. Schools  See list of schools!

                  D.C. to Issue Health Advisory to Stop Drinking Unfiltered Tap Water

February 24  Estimates Say It Could Cost D.C. $350 million to address lead problem

February 22   New Pipes, Higher Lead Levels

February 20   An Immeasurable Threat:  High Lead Levels Hurt Developing Children

                    Lead Statistics on Children, Homes Affected

February 19  D.C. Homes Urged to Flush Taps Longer; WASA: Use Before Drinking

February 15   WASA is unclear on location of lead lines.

February 14   Water samples collected at schools

February 13  WASA website shows scheduled lead line replacement and

                     provides lead service maps.

February 11   WASA avoided replacing lead service lines.

                    WASA Cover-up: the fix is in, editorial, D.C. Watch, Dorothy Brizill

February 10  WASA to spend money to expedite line replacement,

                    to test D.C. public schools

                   Lead and Contamination in Water Frustrates Students

                   D.C. Council WASA Oversight Hearings; 12:30 - 6 pm; 

                   DC Council Chambers,

                   To testify, contact Mr. Jim Slattery at 724-8105 or by e-mail

February 9, EXPERTS to Study Rise in DC Lead Levels

February 8  Waiting for a Verdict on An Underground Threat

                 Water Filtration Business Benefiting From Lead Contamination Threat

                 Experts Seek Answers on Tainted D.C. Water

                  A Sudden Rush of Interest in Water Filters

February 5  Callers Inundate Water Hotline

                  D.C. Catholic Schools To Test for Lead Contamination

                  EPA Says WASA Reacted Properly to Elevated Lead in Some D.C. Water

                  D.C. to Create WASA Task Force
February 4  Water Agency Fired Manager Who Warned of D.C. Lead

February 3  Q & A Lead Contamination In the Water Supply
February 3  Davis Assails Water Agency On Lead Risk                                         February 1  Council Furious With Water Agency Delayed Report of High Lead Levels  

                  Prompts Calls for Review 
January 31  Water in D.C. Exceeds EPA Lead Limit In Random Tests of 4,000 Homes
January 31  Coping With Lead Problems